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Lochaber Hope is currently using recycled local timber to produce craft items.
We have been producing bird boxes and tables to order so far, and these have been very much in demand. If you can help or would like to learn to help please contact Stuart via reception@lochaberhope.org.uk

Bird Table

Another craft item being produced is stained glass effect mirrors, this has been a passion of Keith’s for a long time and he now has a place to work from and an opportunity to develop his idea. He can also work with a design of your choice so you can have your mirror matching an existing design in your home or work place. Names and workplace names can also be designed on glass or mirrors. We can take orders or Keith will be happy to show you how to do this, if you are interested contact Keith via reception@lochaberhope.org.uk

We are also making door name plates for children’s bedroom doors; these can have names on or hooks or pictures, frames, animal shapes, teddy’s etc.. just contact us.

Name Plates

Have a look at our ‘fried egg’ kitchen clock, we have many designs and can make you a design of your choice, e.g. flower, football, teddy.

Fried Egg Clock

The picture below shows some of the other items we can produce to order, if you are interested in ordering or purchasing any of these items or if you would like to be involved in the making please contact us or call into the workshop at Ben Nevis Estate.

Table and Chairs

Lochaber Hope is aspiring towards having social enterprise outlets, this means that the items we produce or the commodity we sell will be making a profit that will be going back into the particular product business, it will fund a salary for the production staff and cover it’s own costs, an ideal opportunity for people to get their ideas off the ground.
We have many ideas for Social Enterprise; some of those products you have seen in the pictures above, other opportunities are ‘alternative therapy’, ‘aromatherapy and massage’, ‘leather craft’, ‘rag fashion’.

If you have an idea or could teach us a skill or would like to support us in any way, please get in touch. reception@lochaberhope.org.uk

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