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Motivational and Personal Development Courses
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Personal Development Day 1 of 2Personal Motivational Workshop, where have you been, where are you going and why - a look at what motivates us and builds our confidence. An interesting feel good day, exploring your own personal development.Lunch provided
Personal Development Day 2 of 2Employment Motivational Workshop, changing habits and getting ready for the world of work again, being motivated to get into work, what makes us tick, what are barriers and how do we overcome them. A day of diSC0very, find out how mind set and habits can really be changed and the future brighter.Lunch provided
Maximising OpportunityLearn how to approach opportunities while looking for work and how visual appearance and behaviour at an interview can impact the outcome.
A great day to make the most of job opportunities, learn how to communicate effectively and overcome nerves.
Lunch provided
CV WritingHow to sell yourself on a CV, get the best of yourself on paper, through a structured module, learn how to recognise your skills and tell a potential employer why they should employ you.
An educational day, learning about yourself and feel good about giving your CV to potential employers.
Finding and Getting a JobComplete online and paper versions of application forms, Learn how to conduct yourself effectively over the telephone and be able to identify local employment opportunities and local sectors where opportunities exist.
A preparation day to suitably prepare you for an interview and plan ahead for future interviews.
Options and ChoicesSo what are your employment options? Looking at your personal and work journey, what are your priorities, what is practical and realistic for you.
A planning day to look at your next steps, where do you go from here, learn how to use all your learned skills to your benefit and plan your way forward.
Lochaber Hope provides a range of training courses to individuals, agencies and employers.
Believing in YourselfBelieving in yourself - self belief is something we all aspire to but it's not as easy as it seems. We will examine the things that we can do to value ourselves as well as those things that we do, quite consciously, to lower our self-esteem. Come along and start to know yourself better.Further Information.
Change for the BetterChange for the Better - this course is full of useful techniques to take you on a journey of change. We will explore the positive use of anger and the traps we set ourselves. We will end with understanding exactly what motivation is and how you get it.Further Information.
Difficult conversations and Understanding how arguments happenHow to have those conversations we'd do anything to avoid. An exploration of what arguments really are, what we do to make them happen, again and again, and some ideas on what we could do instead.Further Information.
Building a CVWhat makes a good CV - how to use a CV to the best advantage? Identifying your skills.Further Information.
Finding and Getting a JobApplying for jobs - understanding the selection process - successful applications and interview techniques.Further Information.
Could this be the First Step on the First Day of the Rest of Your LifeA challenge to general beliefs and expectations of our past. Does the past still control us and how can we change that.Further Information.
Taking Control ConfidentlyHow to say what you want to say, do what you want to do while taking into consideration your feelings and those of others.Further Information.
Effective CommunicationWhat is it you want to say? How to ask, respond, tell what is going on for you in a way that is clear concise and avoids misunderstanding.Further Information
Personal DevelopmentAnyone can attend this who feels low in self esteem, lacking confidence at risk of feeling isolated or who simply would like to take more control over their own personal development.Further Information
AssertivenessKnowing your rights and how to describe your needs in a confident and considerate manner.Further Information
Motivational WorkshopFind out what motivates you and how to keep it up.Further Information
Options and ChoicesFor anyone who is facing new circumstances or wishing to make a new start and wanting a base from which to decide the next step towards employment or community inclusion.Further Information
CV writing and Interview techniquesA CV is the first impression you give an employer, it's worth getting this right, learn to sell yourself. An interview is a chance to show a prospective employer the real you, don't let nerves get the better of you, and remember it's a two way interview!Further Information
Additional courses for volunteers or staff supporting or encouraging people in the community.
Basic Counselling SkillsThese sessions are designed for anyone who is working or volunteering with people who could benefit from person centred core skills.Further Information
Listening SkillsTo be able to help you have to be able to hear, learn how to listen effectively.Further Information
Mentor TrainingFrom "what is a mentor?" to achieving accredited recognition in this individually goal focussed support.Further Information

All courses can be tailored to suit your needs, times and days can vary to fit your training requirements. We can deliver this at Lochaber Hope premises or at a venue of your choice.

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