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...And Finally...

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Lochaber Hope is one of the many charities that has been affected by funding cuts in 2009 and as a result in August 2009 Lochaber Hope temporarily closed the ‘Drop In Centre’ and staff became volunteers. Despite cuts however, we have continued to develop and progress and we have voluntarily continued to deliver our services to the Lochaber community.

Our volunteers have been tremendous and this is an opportunity to say a great big ‘Thank You’ to all who have continued delivering training, to our Counsellors and Mentors, thank you for attending meetings and continuously working on behalf of Lochaber Hope. Thank you to the Christian Fellowship in Fort William who have come on board to offer outreach and support Lochaber Hope’s ethos and thank you to Voluntary Action Lochaber, Volunteering Highland, HIE, Community Mental Health Services and so many others including Jane at Working for Families and Jane and Leah at Lochaber College, who have been marvellous and given us the use of rooms for counselling via the Lochaber Time Bank.

We have been having discussions with partner and referring agencies to try to secure funding sources to pay for our services that had been previously free to the community while we applied for grant funding. This is no longer an option and we move much more quickly towards being a Social Enterprise and being self sustainable. We have been working behind the scenes restructuring the project to concentrate on the core services of the project and are almost ready to present a new helpline service to employers which would save them thousands of pounds spent on hiring and firing and covering the cost of absenteeism each year by offering counselling and mentoring packages. We have been working closely with local service providers to reduce costs and share the limited resources that are currently available and hope to be able to share our premises very soon with some exciting new projects all hugely beneficial to our community members.

The referrals and the need for Lochaber Hope are increasing constantly and we are very aware that we cannot survive the next few years without an element of core funding. We do hope to be able to bring exciting news very soon. Voluntary Action Lochaber and Nevis Radio will provide updates. Watch this space.....

Please call Alyson on 01397 705077 or email alyson.smith@lochaberhope.org.uk for support or to contact Lochaber Hope.

Thank you to all our members who have used and supported the project before and during this time and to you all, we are extremely and sincerely grateful.

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Most people are aware of the term 'counselling', although many are unsure what it actually offers. Counselling is confidential and non judgemental, it involves talking to someone who is trained to listen to you and allows you time to deal with specific issues in your life.

Only you can decide whether you wish to try counselling. Talking to someone confidentially can make all the difference. Counselling provides a regular time for you to explore your feelings in a safe and supported environment and helps to find ways of dealing with them. Qualified, Experienced Counsellors are available to work with all ages, daily including weekends and evenings.

Who can you turn to in confidence?

When relationships hurt too much, when there is too much pressure: to provide, get a job, manage the problems within your family. Are you or is someone you love or care about facing an addiction? Do you feel that your mental health is at risk? Do you want to change things but have no idea how or even where to start? Are you scared, isolated, feel trapped, stuck in a rut, feeling unable to reach your potential?

Most of the time, life ticks along and we cope with most things, but all too often this is NOT the case. Life is intense and often overwhelming, when depression or low self esteem kicks in these issues appear insurmountable.

Contact us to access counselling support or to find out more, Alyson on 01397 705077.

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Lochaber Hope offers Mentor support to individuals, agencies and employers. Mentors are volunteers who are trained in a wide range of areas including:

  • ASIST suicide intervention
  • Counselling Skills
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Negotiating Health and Behaviour Change
  • Working with Drug and Alcohol misuse
  • Keeping Safe and Setting Boundaries
  • Solution Focussed Counselling
Mentors are flexible and usually work with people once a week for one hour, Mentors meet with Individuals and help them work towards their goals or overcome a difficult time in their lives.

Contact us for more information on how to access this service.

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Lochaber Hope provides a range of training courses to individuals, agencies and employers.

  • Motivational Workshops
  • Personal Development
  • Effective Communication
  • Taking Control Confidently
  • Anger Management
  • Basic Counselling Skills
  • Writing a good C.V.
  • Interview Techniques
  • Alternative Job Search
  • Options and Choices
All courses can be tailored to suit your need and times and days can vary to fit your training requirements.

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Volunteers HOPE Image

Lochaber Hope are recruiting mentors and will be running mentor training in April 2010, if you are interested and want to find out more contact Alyson on 01397 705077 or email her on alyson.smith@lochaberhope.org.uk.

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Jill! Happy Birthday Mary!

Jillian Young and Mary Grant are celebrating their 5th year mentoring for Lochaber Hope this year, Jill and Mary started mentoring when we were Pathways to Employment and have continued to provide this service as Lochaber Hope voluntarily for 5 years.

When I think back to the time when as Pathways it was hard to manage the number of clients, Mary was instrumental in the birth of mentors and Jill was one of our very first trained mentors, for 5 years they have been working not only with clients and Lochaber Hope members but behind the scenes in policy making, recognising and being pro active in training needs.

I remember Mary walking into the new unit at the industrial estate (it was like a workshop!) and saying "This won’t do, this’ll frighten people, get some pictures up, get some warmth into this place!"

Jill called me Boss, she still does, she doesn’t mess about, she says "A word Boss, upstairs!" she doesn’t have time to mess about, she says “ 3 things! 1. Why aren't the induction sheets in a folder at reception? 2. (I can’t disclose) and 3. Are you ok boss? (she always cares).

Mary has been a Trustee and continues to be a strong voice in Lochaber Hope, she mentors more than one at a time and works another job too. Thanks Mary Smiley

Jill attends meetings on behalf of Lochaber Hope she has completed an amazing amount of training and runs her own 'chat group' for people with concerns around drugs, she runs the SMART recovery group and is always at the end of the phone to meet a vulnerable member. Thanks Jill Smiley

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Office Space HOPE Image

Lochaber Hope have desk space and office space to rent. The 'Drop In' centre is also available to rent evenings and weekends.

To enquire call Alyson on 01397 705077

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Website HOPE Image

Check out the website, the directory has the contact details of Lochaber agencies and service providers, it has been designed so that agencies can update their own information so there should be no reason for it to be out of date. It can now be printed for community use, GP and surgery waiting rooms so that updated access to services is always available.

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Donations HOPE Image

You may have noticed that the website now displays a button on the homepage. People who have benefited from Lochaber Hope, their friends and families have asked how to make a financial thank you, people who know that we make a difference can now make a donation. Donations can be named or anonymous, but we thank everyone who uses this, every little bit helps, please consider this and know that every donation is a financial benefit, but also a vote of confidence to the staff and volunteers who work passionately and are dedicated to supporting our own people.

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...And Finally... HOPE Image

Lochaber Hope offers Hope, we provide a service that supports Lochaber people to cope with a wide range of sensitive and personal issues.

  • Confidential Counselling
  • Mentoring Service
  • Pre Employability
  • Personal Development Training
  • Just a chat!
  • 'Drop In Centre' (hopefully open again soon)

We also need your help!

We need you’re expertise, we would like you to come along and share your talents, to volunteer, to listen, support, train and learn "How To" help yourselves while helping others.

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Lochaber Hope is an organisational member of COSCA (Counselling & Psychotherapy in Scotland). Their website can be found here

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