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Organisation: Lochaber Hope
Contact Name: Alyson Smith
And/OrTeresa de Billot
Address: Dalnahaine
 Belford Road
 Fort William
 3137 Laguna Street
 3137 Laguna Street
Work Tel:01397 704836
Aims and Objectives: To provide a sensitive and confidential support service to Lochaber people, offering counselling, mentoring and employability support and so empowering people to take responsibility and to achieve equality in the community.
Further Information: Lochaber Hope is a locally based charity run by local people. Staff and volunteers provide counselling, mentoring and employability training and support. This aims to assist the disadvantaged section of our society back towards gainful employment and a fulfilling lifestyle. The primary objective of Lochaber Hope is to restore self-esteem by allowing people to discover unrecognised talent and skill thus engendering a renewal of hope, self motivation and social participation. A cost is applicable for counselling.